Making Self-Care a Priority

The older I get the more I learn the importance of extending more grace to myself.  Shouldering the responsibilities of wife and mother can be an all consuming role.  If you’re anything like me (perfectionist) we are often making sure everyones needs are met.  In the midst of caring for everyone we tend to forget to care for and nourish ourselves.  Before you know it we are in the habit of neglecting our own self-care.

I know there are seasons in our lives in which we can’t seem to find any time for ourselves, but this my friend is essential.  It’s good to care for and tend to others but what message are we sending our people when we lack to care for ourselves?  For so long I neglected myself physically and emotionally and then wondered why I wasn’t feeling joyful?  No matter what season of life you are currently in I’d like to encourage you to make a little time to reevaluate your physical and emotional health.  Start by implementing one or maybe two of the following tips and ideas I share below as you carry out the practice of self-care.

Begin by organizing your day.  

By preparing ahead of time you can ensure to get some much needed quiet time.  Print out a free monthly calendar or buy an inexpensive one, but start planning out your day.  Include all the important things to accomplish for the day such as; meals, appointments, or errands.  I’m more able to get some quiet time in for the day when I’ve planned my day in advance.

Establish a good consistent bedtime for yourself.

In order for me to be good company I need good rest.  For you moms of tinies and littles, better days are ahead, I promise.  Try sneaking in a nap when your littles are napping.  Dishes and folding clothes can wait for a better day.  According to the national sleep foundation they recommended we get between 7-9 hours of sleep a night.  Sleep helps our body to recharge its energy stores.  Setting a consistent bedtime can help you feel well rested, more focused and less agitated.

Make time to read.

There are so many benefits to reading.  Not only is it a relaxing, tranquil activity, it is great for decompressing and brain power helping our brains stay young.  Whether you wake up early to get some reading time alone or make time to read  before bedtime, feed your brain and continue to grow your knowledge.

Eat healthy.

I know the stressors of life can have us running to empty calorie choices. Instead, practice, fight the urge to self indulge in the unhealthy and give your body good nourishment.  Eat more fruits and veggies, try smoothies or juicing, your body will thank you later.  Eating healthier helps our bodies stay strong and makes us less susceptible to illness.  Also, drink more water.  I once read somewhere that we typically mistake our thirst for hunger so make sure you’re well hydrated.

Exercise regularly.

This is the one thing I need more practice with and yet one that is so rewarding.  I love getting out in nature and fast pace walking.  Not only is it good for our body but the mind as well.  Walking helps clear my mind while improving health.

Make time to connect with friends.

We were created for community, we need deep connection with others.  Friendships give us a sense of community and belonging.  Having a friend by your side during good and bad times can be so rewarding and uplifting.  I’m learning to let go of expectations and embracing others as they are.  Being vulnerable is not easy but is part of a quality friendship.

Keep a gratitude journal.

When I was going through one of the hardest seasons in life I started counting and keeping track of my blessings.  I learned that in spite of my current circumstances there was so much to be thankful for.

Prayer and meditation.

This should probably be at the top of the list of ideas and tips when it comes to self-care.   We can all use a daily dose of encouragement by meditating on scripture.  Write a verse on a sticky note or index card.  Place it somewhere you’re able to see it throughout the day as the need arises.  Prayer is a way to release our burdens and draw near to our heavenly father, take a few mins to commit your day into his hands.

While our obligations and responsibilities as wives and moms may be many, It’s important to remember to invest in our own personal self-care.

Do you have any tips or ideas for self-care?

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