Nutella Filled Strawberries

February is here friends!  And that means Valentine’s day is just around the corner.  We typically keep it simple around our place for Valentine’s day.  A nice homemade meal, bottle of wine, and a little sweet treat to complete the course.  Oh!  And my sweet man typically brings home flowers for both our daughter and me.  He brings home the flowers and I satisfy his sweet tooth.

We’re huge fans of those chocolate covered strawberries; however, any dessert which involves strawberries is a winner in our home and adding nutella earns you bonus points!  So in honor of all those we love let’s whip up some goodness.  Today I want to share a strawberry treat that’s sure to please and best of all you’ll love the simplicity of it all, wash, slice and fill.




Step 1  Wash the strawberries.

Step 2  Slice the strawberries in half, scoop out a little of the flesh  (I did not do the scooping part)

Step 3  Put a cake decorating tip (I used a round tip #12) on a pastry bag or a ziplock bag.  Pour about 1/4 cup of Nutella into the pastry bag and swirl a dollop onto the strawberries.

How do you celebrate Valentine’s day?


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