Top 10 Dollar Tree Bargains

Truth be told, I’m a thrill-deal seeking kinda gal.  I love getting a great deal and what’s better than a great deal?  A truly great bargain of course!  How many times have you bought an item you thought was a great price only to be disappointed with the quality of that item.  I’ll have to admit I’ve been there so many times.  It pains me to waste money (yes, even if it’s a dollar) on something that couldn’t serve its purpose well.  Not only is it financially wasteful but also useless.

There is an abundance of deals we can come across but are they all worth the cost?  With so many options and discounted stores surly we’re able to find a few good and useful items right?  One place I love to browse through is my local Dollar Tree.  Dollar Tree holds true to its name, every item is a dollar and in some cases some items may be 2 for a dollar.  Dollar Tree carries a wide variety of items and there are a few great bargains I’ve been able to get there time after time.  The following are a few of my top picks that I’ve found to be of good use and well worth my dollar!!  Keep in mind items can vary from state to state and region to region but none the less I’m sure you’re able to come across a few great items at your local Dollar Tree.

Greeting Cards

Why spend $2.00-$5.00 on a card when more than likely the card will end up being tossed away.  Dollar Tree has many cards 2 for $1.00

Mailing Supply

From bubble wrap to mailing envelops.  My one go to item is the 6 count large mailing envelops.  I don’t ship often enough to buy in bulk from another discount store so these are perfect.  I’ve shipped books and clothing in these.

Reading Glasses

So they say we’ll eventually need readers right?  Well here you go, Dollar tree carries a variety of readers at only a dollar.  Just browse through other stores that carry readers, the cost can be 10x more or even higher.

Parchment Paper

I love parchment paper!  It’s so practical and I love, love that it’s non-stick!  I use it in place of aluminum for much of my baking.  I’ve bought this at my local grocery store in the past and it was around $2.50 so this is a significant savings.

Tissue Box

Now tissue you may be able to get a your local grocery store for around the same price.  But why would you do that if you’re already at the Dollar store.

Yeti Pot

With Spring showing up a little earlier than expected and allergies flaring up, I recently had to purchase a Neti pot at the grocery store for $12.00.  So when I noticed this Yeti Pot at the Dollar Tree I quickly snagged one up.  We love how quickly and naturally the nasal irrigation works for combatting allergies.

Storage Containers 

For all you who enjoy and have a knack for a well organized space.  These storage bins and baskets come in several colors and sizes.  I’ve watched several videos on organizing your pantry, closets, and drawers using some of these Dollar Tree containers.

Waste Baskets

Unless you’re looking for something fancy you can’t go wrong with these basic white waste basket.  I’ve seen them as low as $5.00 at my grocery store.

Pregnancy Test

This here friends I’ve not had to try out.  I do remember spending a lot more than $1.00 eons ago, so this definitely make the list for a great bargain!

Gift Bags, Wrapping Paper, and Party Supply

Party supply can get a little pricey but with a little creativity you can host a gathering with pretty party supply from Dollar Tree.

Do you have some Dollar Tree favorites?  Let me know in the comments below.  I’d love to hear what kinds of bargains you’re loving.

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