My Top 3 Favorite Apps That Reward

It seems like most large restaurant chains have some sort of rewards program in place nowadays.  And retail stores are no exception, they too use a rewards system to keep you coming back time after time.  With so many retailers, restaurants and partner sites rewarding you for shopping through their app, dining at their establishment, or making a purchase at their main front, I thought it would be a good idea to list some of my favorites.  After all there’s nothing to lose, and only rewards to be gained…right?

  1. Let’s begin with Ebates.  Ebates is a company which is an affiliate for thousands of stores.  Ebates provides you with discounts while helping you earn some cash back on purchases from stores you typically shop at.  You can earn cash  back from over 2000 stores and also use coupons and promo codes provided on the Ebates site.  Another perk to signing up for an Ebates account is that they give you $10.00 cash back just for signing up as a new member.  It’s a straight forward and simple sign up process.  Simply go to or download the Ebates app, sign up for your account using an email and creating a password, search for the store you intend to shop at, click on the “Shop” button, place your order, and earn some cash back! It’s that simple; get paid to shop as you normally would!                                                                       
  2. Next up, let’s talk Panera Bread! I absolutely love a clean, healthy meal, and Panera is one of my favorite places to go when I’m craving good and wholesome food.  They get you off to a good start by sending you your first reward shortly after joining their rewards program, spoiler alert…it’s a free bakery treat, (you’re welcome).  Download the Panera Bread app or visit and join their rewards program.  Let me explain how the Panera rewards program works.  Every time you make a purchase at Panera give them your phone number, which is linked to your Panera card, or hand them your Panera rewards card and you’re on your way toward earning a reward.  I love the Panera app because you’re able to keep track and view how close you are to earning your next reward.  I’ve been lucky enough that they’ve sent me a handful of great rewards so far.  On two separate occasions they sent me a reward to receive a free bagel (no purchase necessary) everyday of the month for that particular month!  Other rewards I’ve earned: a free you pick two meal, discounts on drinks or meals, and of course my usual free birthday bakery treat!    
  3. Lastly, I enjoy saving money on groceries.  I can typically save quite a bit by planning a weekly menu and working with current sale items.  I save even more by downloading coupons right from the Kroger app.  There are usually coupons for items that I typically purchase.  Kroger also gives away a free Friday item.   Another perk is you’re also able to earn fuel points on every purchase and receive a discount toward gas.  So not only are you saving on groceries by clipping coupons electronically, but also saving on gas.  Create a Kroger account by downloading the Kroger app or visiting      

These are my top three and most used apps.  What are some of your go to or favorite apps?

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