Annual Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring has sprung friends!  Much to my surprise spring showed up a little earlier than expected this year.  And with spring in full swing, allergies follow close behind.  Things are pollinating hard outside and dust is building up inside.  While we have no control over nature or the natural process of nature we can attempt and make things pleasant inside our homes.  A good spring clean is a must around our place and reducing allergy triggers, like dust and pollen we may carry indoors, can help alleviate some of the seasonal discomforts spring brings forth.

Let’s face it cleaning can be a daunting task to take on and while it’s necessary it can seem overwhelming.  I like to view my spring cleaning in terms of  “How would you eat an elephant? One bite at a time” of course!  Approaching it in small pieces, not looking at it as a whole.  So I’ve compiled some tips and a list to help you as you attempt and accomplish your annual spring cleaning.

Spring Cleaning Tips:

  1. Make a list of your cleaning goals.  Do you need to purge before cleaning out a room?  It’s always easier to clean a room without the extra clutter which tends to cloud our thinking and hinder our motivation.
  2. Make sure you have all your cleaning supplies and cleaning gadgets ready to assist you.  There’s nothing like getting motivated to clean only to realize you don’t have the cleaning supplies to accomplish your cleaning.
  3. Start with the room that seems easiest to clean, the one room you don’t dread as much.  Starting with the easiest or doable room helps build motivation as you accomplish and see the desired results.  On the other hand, starting off with the most dreaded room can make for an  overwhelming task and keep you from fully completing or procrastinating on your spring cleaning altogether.
  4. If you have kids old enough to help by all means, delegate!  Even if they only help with picking up trash around the rooms or getting rid of toys they no longer want, any bit of help counts.  They may not be as productive or as useful as you’d hope nonetheless it’s an important lesson, teach them early on to maintain a clean space and be team players.
  5. Lastly, maintenance not perfection!  After you’ve accomplished your annual spring cleaning, focus on maintaining your hard work.  Once a week choose a day for light cleaning and touchups.  Don’t let that dust, clutter, and mess accumulate.

Use my spring cleaning checklist to help you accomplish your annual spring cleaning.

Do you have any spring cleaning tips you’d like to share?

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