Benefits of Walking in the Great Outdoors

There’s something you should know about me… I don’t like to excercise!  Gasp!! I know right, with a blog name like the one I’ve chosen, how could I not?  When I think of exercising I think of gyms, machines, and killer workouts like the ones my kids describe after their workout sessions.  However, I do love walking in the great outdoors.  Walking doesn’t feel like exercise to me, I don’t dread it, I enjoy it all while getting a workout!  I’m a walking kind of gal, I can walk forever and oh, can I walk!  Let me just say, you have your walkers, your serious walkers, and then you have speed walkers.  The fact that I can’t seem to keep a walking buddy says a lot about my style of walking.  Once they’ve had a stroll alongside me, they think twice about getting back out onto the pathway with me.

Even though gym equipment and weights may not be my thing at the moment, I get a great workout by walking in the great outdoors.  There are so many benefits you can reap by simply walking out and taking a stroll in nature.  For one I love that I can get out and breathe in the fresh air.  Unless your job requires you to be outdoors most people are inside the majority of their day, stuck behind a desk with stress building up until you call it a day then turn around and do it again the following day.  Breathing in the smell, sounds, and beauty of nature can help to decompress from the day to day stressors in life.  Walk to exhale stress and inhale peace.

Our bodies make vitamin D when exposed to sunlight.  We need vitamin D for normal growth and for the development of bones.  Walking can also strengthen bones while increasing density.

Walking stimulates serotonin levels in the brain, which can improve mood, increasing pathways in the body that carry oxygen to cells.  Truth be told, when I’m having a debbie-downer kind of day my natural response, after pouting or crying, is to get out and walk.  Walking may not solve my problems but I can always count on it to help improve my mood greatly!  And because walking improves my mood greatly, on good days with little stress, walking helps to get my creative juices flowing.

On days when I’m brave and push myself a little harder than usual I can count on a good nights rest.  Being physically active is important, moving your body is good, whatever form of excercise you prefer, do it!  Move your body and reap the benefits with a good nights rest.

One of my favorite perks to walking is simply for the time I get to spend in nature.  We are fortunate enough to live in a community built with nature in mind and a nature preserve in walking distance from where our home is located.  So getting out and taking in the beauty of nature created for us by our Creator inspires meditation and praying which is good for my soul.  

Walking doesn’t cost a thing, it’s free!  No special equipment is required just your good ole self.  You should probably know that I’m also a frugal kind of gal.  Now please hear me out, if you are a gym loving kind of individual there is nothing wrong with your preference to enjoy the gym and yes maybe even pay for a membership fee.  Personally for me, I happen to enjoy walking and it just so happens to be free!

Lastly, walking can be a time to connect and bond with others.  I mostly walk alone just because I’m set in my ways of speed walking.  But I so enjoy the times when others  join me on my walks.  We take turns talking about our day, sharing our hopes for the future, and sometimes even just holding hands in a silent walk is so, so therapeutic! The conversations are great and the environment is lovely.  Call a friend, ask your spouse, or take your grown kid for a stroll, ask someone on a walking date!

Do you enjoy walking? If so, what style of walker are you?






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