It’s an honor to have you stop by my little blog. Pull up a chair, grab a warm cup of coffee, tea or whatever you please and let’s get acquainted, shall we?

I’m Erika, the creator and voice behind Practice of Living Well. I’m a wife to a gracious man and mom of two awesome kids, but first and foremost I am child of God, learning to live my days with gratitude by making the most of everyday.

Some facts about me: I love bargain-shopping, pumpkin anything, I love baking over cooking, quaint coffee shops, my love language is quality time and I love all things pertaining the home, well almost, minus cleaning bathrooms.

Why “Practice of Living Well”? While some things come easy for me others take more practice. Home to me is a place to practice life wellness, a dwelling to create order and be more intentional serving those in my home. It’s also a place for personal creativity and self-expression.

So, here on the blog I share a variety of all things homemaking. We’ll discuss baking, cooking, organizing, parenting, budgeting and health.  My hope is that you find some creative inspiration and little encouragement as we practice this art of living well. Now please introduce yourself.